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" Fred of SJS Campers could not of been more helpful with our interior for our Late Bay, quality design and finish and delivered quickly, would not hesitate to recommend t..."

Michael Murphy


"The finish is top quality & lightweight.Fred could not have been a more helpful supplier and made us some extra units away from his standard design for our Late bay.cant wait to..."

Mike & Val

"A very satisfied customer"

Recent Photos

11/10 23


I am now able to offer VW T25 Interiors. Please have a look at "Chris & Jan's VW T25" in "Photos" in the nav bar. If you are interested please contact me. 

11/05 21

I am slowly working through my website to bring it more up to date with the new 15mm boards I am using now. There are quite a few changes so please be patient and understanding as I am just a one man band. 

Hopefully soon I will be able to show the 15mm board Light Oak or Cherry in a van. Fully installed with upholstery curtains etc, thats the plan.


09/05 21                         Upholstery


I am not able to put the upholstery prices in the price list anymore because of fluctuating foam and fabric prices. I just cant keep up and I loose out a number of times. So please ask when you decide what upholstery you want and I will give you a price within a couple of days when I have had time to contact my upholsterer.

03/05 20             An Important Announcement

It's been around 12 years now since I started using the 12mm Light Oak and Pear vinyl finish poplar ply for my VW T2 & T4 interiors.

Over this period of time, there have been lots of happy customers who have these interiors in their camper vans, both here in the UK and abroad.

Unfortunately, I have been informed by my supplier, that the boards I have been getting from them all these years at a good price are no longer available.

Therefore I have made the decision to go with the more commonly used 15mm boards. The ones I have chosen to use are the German Vohringer boards. They are still made of the same Lightweight Poplar plywood. The finish though is a hard finish instead of the softer vinyl as on the 12mm boards. Another advantage with these boards is there are more finishes to choose from, both in wood grain and colours. The edge trim I am using is more of a contrast than a match. In the near future, I may be able to get a near-match edge trim. To start with I will be using the Light Oak. This has been by far the most popular. 

Some other changes are, instead of the bow handles as standard, you will now have push button latches on all doors and draws. Of course, if you want the bow handles you can request them.

Another change will be regarding the construction of the units. There will, from now on be no screws and cups showing on the fronts of the units.

All these changes mean the interiors will now cost more. I have kept the price as low as I can but its still a significant price increase. Please check "Prices" in the nav bar.

11/08 19

The address on the website has just changed. I am now based in Ormskirk. Please contact me before you visit. Telephone 01695 581931 or 07531158812. You can also email me through the website "Contact Us" or my email, Thank you.

07/10  23

Thank you for your patience. I am still working on my website to get it something like it was before it got messed up. A very kind person from Wix called Richard managed to get my site up and running again. He is working as a collaborator with me. The Wix agents have been most helpful as well. I try to do something daily, but I am just a one man band so it is not easy. We will get there though. 

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