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Bonus Power Management System Summary



Bonus PMS3 Power Management System is a 230 Volt AC mains and 12 Volt DC power control unit, providing all the necessary features for the control of the electrics in your campervan, caravan or motorhome.

When connected to a 240v electrical hook up this unit can be switched to charge either the main vehicle battery or the leisure battery. This unit has a fully automatic Mains to 12 volt DC power supply and charger, which is able to provide a stable output voltage even under load. The PMS3 is able to operate on a mains supply as low as 207 volts (making it ideal for lower continental voltages) and still provide stable DC output voltage.

Once installed this unit is easy to operate.

This unit provides the following features:-

Mains 230 Volt AC

Earth Leakage Protection

Over Current Protection

Reverse Polarity Indication

The 40 amp RCD (Residual Current Device) gives protection against earth faults and also acts as the mains isolation switch.

There are three Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB’s) which are basically re-settable fuses to protect against over current. They will normally be connected to Sockets, Lighting and Fridge.

13.8 Volt DC

Fully Stabilised Power Supply and Battery Charger with

Short Circuit, Over Current Protection and Thermal Protection

Constant Current Limit at 18A.

4 Fused outputs

Battery Condition Meter (will show the condition of either the Main Vehicle Battery or the Leisure Battery)

Battery Change Over Switch

Water Pump Isolation Switch

This unit is designed to work with a battery in the circuit, and for optimum performance we recommend that a good quality leisure battery is installed.

This control panel is available as a Vertical or Horizontal unit.


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