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" Fred of SJS Campers could not of been more helpful with our interior for our Late Bay, quality design and finish and delivered quickly, would not hesitate to recommend t..."

Michael Murphy


"The finish is top quality & lightweight.Fred could not have been a more helpful supplier and made us some extra units away from his standard design for our Late bay.cant wait to..."

Mike & Val

"A very satisfied customer"

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How to order your Kit

I thought I would explain a number of ways you can order your Interior Kit. I have sold lots of kits solely by contact through email. Some customers email me directly at or some email me through the website email.

A number of customers have phoned me to make initial contact and ask various questions about the interiors and related products. They have used the numbers on the website to get in touch. Some of you have written to me also. Quite a number of customers have called in at the workshop to actually see the Interiors and various products before they purchase.  

Whatever method is used for first contact, I like to continue the contact by email preferably, so that we both have a written record of the order details. Of course there may be the need to speak on the phone, but the details can be put in a follow up email. If you have not got access to the Internet, phone and follow up letters are fine.

When you decide to go ahead and order a kit, the first thing I need is all the detail of what you want. It may be that I already have a kit made up that suits your needs. If that is the case and you don't need upholstery send the deposit and you can have your kit within a week or so. Otherwise as you have decided to go ahead I ask for a £300 deposit, if you want upholstery it is £650, when I receive this, your kit starts to be made up from the time the deposit is in my Bank. Please be certain before paying the deposit, as this will be non refundable. Many of you choose the Bank transfer system, which I prefer also. Some of you want to pay by cheque that's fine as well. If you pay by cheque we have to clear it first, once cleared that is your start date for your Interior.

The time it takes for your Interior to be ready for you depends on how busy we are at the time. Also if you want upholstery this can extend the completion date. From your start date I could say it will be ready in 2 weeks.You may contact me, say a few days before completion and say for instance, "I have decided I want the Overhead unit as well" it must be understood that your completion date will change.

Coming up to completion I will contact you for the final payment. This must be paid in full before the Interior and related products leave our premises. If you pay by cheque it will have to clear first. There is no facility at the workshop for payment on the day.

Paul can deliver for you if you wish, his number is 07743399978.You can contact him directly to give you a quote for delivery to your door. Paul can only do UK delivery.

If you are an overseas customer, have a look at "International Shipping" in the nav bar. We can ship anywhere in the world as far as I know.

I do hope everyone finds this clear and helpful.

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