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" Fred of SJS Campers could not of been more helpful with our interior for our Late Bay, quality design and finish and delivered quickly, would not hesitate to recommend t..."

Michael Murphy


"The finish is top quality & lightweight.Fred could not have been a more helpful supplier and made us some extra units away from his standard design for our Late bay.cant wait to..."

Mike & Val

"A very satisfied customer"

Recent Photos

New Light Oak

The top photo shows the Passenger seat unit in the New Light Oak finish I am using now. The knock on edge trim for the New Light Oak is more of a contrast than a match. This new Light Oak is 15mm with a hard satin finish.

The bottom two finishes are the ones I used to use. They are 12mm with a vinyl finish. I have left them on so you can see the difference. In the near future I will have photos of the interiors on the website with the New Light Oak finish.

Environmentally friendly:

Poplar is a very quick-growing tree, planted mainly along Italian rivers in order to reinforce ditches and lands with its roots. It lives approximately 10 years, can be easily grown and when cut can be easily substituted by agricultural crops on the same land.

Since it is grown in place of agricultural crops and is quick-growing, the use of poplar as a raw material does not affect the environment in the same way as some other lumbers can, and poplar plywood is therefore a very environmentally friendly product.

Poplar ply is generally 40% lighter, size for size than other plywood's.

Additionally, any part of the log that is not used for plywood veneers is utilised in the manufacture of lightweight chipboard or burned for fuel, in order to reduce wastage to an absolute minimum.

Formica Worktop finishes

We stock 3 formica finishes, Grey Dots, Muslin and Light Oak. The Muslin will be replaced by Matt White. Muslin has been discontiued by Formica. You can choose your own but this will incur an extra cost. The photo below shows some of the other finshes. A sample of the Light Oak that the units are made of is above the formica finishes. There are many in the formica range.

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