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SJS VW T2 FAT BOY Interior

Yes at last the FAT BOY Interior, another DIY interior from SJS. We were asked a number of times if we do an interior with a full width R & R Bed. That is what has prompted the design of this interior. The first thing you proberbly notice is that it has a full width R & R Bed. The Draw Table is a simple but practical addition. There is a special feature of the R & R Bed, It consists of a dropdown leg which gives extra support to the front edge of the seat cushion in the bed position. As you will see it can take some weight. The basic interior consists of, Base unit with Worktop, Draw Table and SMEV combi, Top Box and R & R Bed with bare base boards. We hope that those of you who are extra large or those of you who just want more space in an interior will like this one.

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