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" Fred of SJS Campers could not of been more helpful with our interior for our Late Bay, quality design and finish and delivered quickly, would not hesitate to recommend t..."

Michael Murphy


"The finish is top quality & lightweight.Fred could not have been a more helpful supplier and made us some extra units away from his standard design for our Late bay.cant wait to..."

Mike & Val

"A very satisfied customer"

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Hi everyone, this is the Rat Page.

I have decided that Rats need more verb-age, so this is the start of the Rat page. I am busy at the moment rooting in bins, soon as I have finished I will write some more.

First of all lets just give you a few facts about these lovely furry creatures.

Two produce 2,000 a year

Rats reach sexual maturity at eight weeks, they have sex about 20 times a day and , with a gestation period of just three weeks, can give birth every twenty eight days. One pair can produce 2,000 a year.

They can eat almost anything of animal or vegetable origin, including rubbish, and dog and bird food. (I love rooting in bins).

The average rat grows to 12ins long - not including the tail - and weigh about a 1lb.The biggest recorded in Britain was twice that size and was christened the Ratweiler.

Rats teeth are harder than aluminium or copper, allowing them to gnaw through these materials. Rats once cut the lights at Heath-row Airport after gnawing through double-insulated power cables.

They can climb brickwork, get into cavity walls, and swim up the U bends of toilets.

A rat can squeeze through a hole no larger than the size of a mans thumb.

A few years ago a rat brought parliamentary business to a standstill when it was seen crossing the floor of the House of Commons.

Rats eat or damage 20% of the worlds crops.

Buckingham Palace had to call in the exterminators after an infestation of rats in its kitchens a few years ago.

The rat is the only wild animal SAS soldiers are banned from eating in the field because of disease risk.

They are eaten by humans in parts of China, Mexico and Africa,(anyone for a takeaway). Baby rat wine is an arthritis treatment in China.

There are more rats than humans on the planet, and around 550 species.

In Palermo, Sicily,some rats got too fat to jump between roofs and fell on the heads of pedestrians below.

The infection causing Weils disease is carried in rats urine.They urinate 80 times a day. (ah that's better).

Very soon at SJS we will be producing a new Interior for all you FAT BOYS out there. With our 25mm baseboards and reinforced front panel you wont need to worry about it collapsing on you, even if you sit on the edge in the morning while your frying you're bacon. Just keep an eye on the website.

Always were your glasses when rootin in bins!

" I love rootin in bins "

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