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VW DIY T2 New design Light Oak

The SJS VW DIY T2 New design Light Oak Interior. The Interior includes, Base unit, Side unit, Back unit, Top Box, R & R Bed, hinge mechanism for R & R Bed, 25mm bare baseboards, One piece Formica worktop, Smev combi and a bag of fixings. You also get a full set of fitting instructions and there are the helpful "Fitting Photos" on the website. The Interior featured is the new interior with the optional, Fridge, Table, Overhead unit, Upholstery and Curtains. This is a fully fitted out Interior with upholstery and curtains. Its just an example of what your camper could look like, with one of our DIY Interiors. Have a look at the various features of it in the photo album. There are new options shown in the photos. A Buddy seat which incorporates a Porta Potty, Passenger Seat unit and the Knicker unit.

Please note it is taking some time to update my website (I'm just a one man band). These interiors are now made out of 15mm ply hard finish instead of 12mm vinyl finish. I am also using push button latches instead of the bow handles. You will see them lower down in the album.

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